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Y6 SATs - Easter Revision

As part of your Open Evening appointment this term, all Year 6 children will have been given a differentiated pack of revision papers to help keep them busy during the Easter break and prepare for SATs tests in May.

Children do not need to complete the papers in one day but rather work steadily for 15 or so minutes each day.  

A little and often is better than a lot in one go!


Reading Booklet - CLICK HERE                    Reading Answers - CLICK HERE


SPAG Booklet - CLICK HERE                        SPAG Answers - CLICK HERE

SPAG Glossary for Parents & Carers - CLICK HERE

SPAG Test 1 - CLICK HERE               SPAG Test 2 - CLICK HERE               SPAG Test 3 - CLICK HERE

SPAG Test 4 - CLICK HERE               SPAG Test 5 - CLICK HERE               SPAG Test 6 - CLICK HERE


Maths Booklet (Working Towards) - CLICK HERE                   Maths Answers (Working Towards) - CLICK HERE

Maths Booklet (Expected Standard) - CLICK HERE                Maths Answers (Expected Standard) - CLICK HERE

Maths Booklet (Greater Depth) - CLICK HERE                        Maths Answers (Greater Depth) - CLICK HERE