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PE & Sports

Granton Primary school is committed to providing the best possible learning opportunities for all pupils.  Within the context of this broad aim, we strive to provide support for those who are ‘Gifted and Talented’ in Physical Education (PE) and Sport/Dance.  As a school, we aim to improve the attainment and motivation of the Gifted and Talented children in our school and work to ensure that we challenge and extend the children through the work that we set them.

A culture where it is ‘great to participate’ is promoted.  We also ensure that Gifted and Talented children are identified early in school life and that they achieve their full potential through support, encouragement and praise. The school provides an environment in which pupils experience success; which in turn is recognised and celebrated.  Pupils are recognised as talented in PE and sport when they demonstrate high levels of ability within the full range of PE and sport contexts or have the potential to do so. Specifically, Gifted and Talented pupils in PE and Sport are likely to excel in one or a combination of the five identified abilities or they may give clues that offer sufficient support that they could excel.

Physical Ability (a pupil’s competence and fitness to perform a range of physical activities)

Social Ability (pupils’ exhibit social skills which form the basis of leadership, teamwork and similar concepts)

Personal Ability (a pupil’s capacity for self regulation, self belief and commitment to mastery)

Cognitive Ability (pupils show this in planning and compositional settings, as well as demonstrating knowledge and understanding of central physical education concepts)

Creative Ability (pupils evidence this when they respond to challenges and tasks with fluency and originality and are sensitive to problems)

Granton provides competitive fixtures, competitions and festivals in a wide range of sports.  We work cooperatively with external partners to cater for those pupils who have a high level of sporting talents to encourage them to have involvement in high level sporting activities outside school to complement our stimulating PE sessions.

Out of School Hours Learning in PE

At Granton we provide appropriate enrichment activities that can develop pupils’ experience of the sporting world as well as working with external providers to provide exit routes for talented pupils. The programme is linked to the curriculum map so that pupils have an opportunity to extend themselves outside of curriculum time. Pupils are identified, informed and invited to one of the many sessions.



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