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Our Creative Curriculum

Through its broad and balanced curriculum, Granton Primary has developed a rich and varied Creative Curriculum that meets the needs of all of its pupils. 

All of the National Curriculum subjects at Granton are taught in a way that is inspiring as well as in partnership with other settings such as our strong links with the Southbank Centre, an example of which can be seen below when a group of Year 4 and 5 children 'took over' the Southbank for the day, taking the lead at the child-led Imagine Festival.

Skilful planning enables gifted and talented pupils at Granton to make connections between different domains of learning through the cross-curricular way in which Granton’s innovative curriculum is structured.

CLICK HERE to watch a film of Granton's Campaign March, the culmination of everybody's hard work throughout Term 1, to meaningfully weave learning about children's rights into every area of our Creative Curriculum for children all the way from Nursery to Year 6. 

The importance of learning a Modern Foreign Language is also highly valued at Granton and the teaching and learning of French throughout the school offers the chance for our pupils to develop new skills and ways of thinking.  However, we also understand that it is important for those children who speak another language at home to challenge themselves and receive support and encouragement to develop key skills in their mother tongue. Our French leader, Monsieur Field, therefore also provides a weekly French lesson for native speakers of the language to ensure that they too are appropriately challenged for their ability.  These lessons focus on reading, writing, listening and speaking to a higher level than the age related expectation.  These children also work alongside a native French teacher to learn, through French, about different cultures and about expressing themselves in their home language. We are currently working on a film project to show our partner school in Paris all about life at Granton Primary School.  

Here we all are waving the flag for learning our native language, French, here at Granton!





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