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Mystery Week

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The cat's finally out of the bag!

The secret week we've all been waiting for is here!  Along with the help of the Granton children and adults and a few clues and challenges to solve, Mystery Week was launched in Assembly this morning!  

Following this very special launch assembly this morning, your child will be taking part in an exciting, fun filled week of learning where all of our lessons will be centred around ‘mystery’: solving, writing illustrating mystery stories in Literacy, cracking codes and navigating mazes in Maths and much, much more.

CLICK HERE to see what our Assembly was all about and to have a go at some of the riddles and challenges.  

Today your child devised their own ‘detective’ persona and they will develop this character over the course of the week.  They will design their own mystery resources and will be invited to wear these as they take on their detective persona on this Friday’s ‘Detective Day’.  Please note that children will still be required to wear their school uniform but will be using a detective prop that they have made over the course of the week!

You could be called Questioning Queenie (who questions all in sight), Persevering Prince (who perseveres in spite of all challenge) or even Solving Simon (who solves every mystery under the sun!)

The week aims to enthuse and excite our children about their learning, by bringing all of their learning together in a cross-curricular and engaging way.

We look forward to lots of great learning and seeing all of our detectives in action over the course of the week and of course, on Friday.

Many thanks for your continued support,

Mrs Barrio                              Mrs Chukwudinma                              Miss Cooper                            

‘Brainbox Barrio’                    ‘Super C’                                             ‘Snooper Cooper’

CLICK HERE to see our Mystery Week posters on display around the school!


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