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International Day of the Girl

As part of the celebrations for International Day of the Girl, pupils from GPS were at the top of the London Eye at 8.30am this morning! The day at the Southbank includes mentoring on the London Eye from female role models including some celebrities such as Julie Walters and Dawn Porter.

The girls had a great day and here are just a few of the comments they had to make on the return journey home:

"I learnt that I should go for the career I want to go for.  I want to be a scientist or an astronaut and speed mentoring on the London Eye has helped me understand that I really can follow my dreams." (Abida, Y6AF)

"Bonnie told me that I could dance my life away if that's what I wanted to." (Kisha, Y6AF)

"I've learnt that I can dream of a job and I shouldn't give up on that dream.  All the people we met today once had their dreams too and they followed them just like I will follow mine." (Micraj, Y6PA)

"I learnt that girls and boys, men and women, we are all equal in society." (Amy, Y6RH)

"I really enjoyed the T-shirt making because I was able to write and show the message 'I am proud to be myself.'  I also really enjoyed the beat boxing at the closing ceremony." (Yasmin, Y6RH)

"I just really enjoyed it all!" (Rhianna, Y6PA)

Miss Cooper and Ms Griffiths were so proud that out of the many secondary school pupils at the event (many of whom were Sixth Formers) it was our Granton children whose hands went up first when asked what is meant by the term 'human rights'.  They truly amazed all the mentors with their wonderful insight into children's rights and what they have been learning about this term.




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