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GPS take over the Southbank Imagine Festival!

Granton children from Years 4 and 5 were the first children to take over Southbank Centre this week as part of the Imagine Festival, a two week extravangaza bursting with shows and activities for all ages. 

GPS children led the way by selling and checking tickets, handing out leaflets and handling queries,  showing people to their seats, controlling the lighting and sound within the theatre halls, making public announcements over the tannoy at the Southbank Centre and being a welcoming, friendly face to all who walked through the doors.

Parents and members of the public were so impressed with our children, making comments about how ''helpful, mature and professional'' they all were as well as the ''excellent customer service'' they provided.  Jeremy Strong, well-known author of books such as 'My Granny's Great Escape' and 'My Dad's got an Alligator' commented on how ''lovely and polite'' our children were.

The children themselves also had lots to say about the day:
"I had lots of fun selling goodies at the ice-cream counter" (Favour)
"Today was fun and enjoyable.  I enjoyed showing people to their seats" (Armaan)
"I can't believe I was responsible for controlling the lights and sound.  It was brilliant!" (Dennis)
"It's been great!"(Aleesha)
"It really felt like we worked there!" (Sherharbano)
"I can't believe I met Jeremy Strong" (Tunisia)
"I enjoyed having a walkie talkie!" (Tynen)
"I enjoyed blowing the bubbles to persuade people to come to our stall" (Juanita)
"I loved being part of the Imagine Festival!" (Haider)
"I loved it all!" (Martyna)
"I think Takeover day should be every day!" (Sariya)
"It's amazing taking over the South Bank.  Children rule!" (Uriah)

For a snapshot of our GPS children in action, have a look at the photos below and look out for the moment when some of us were even lucky enough to meet one of our favourite authors, Jeremy Strong, on stage!

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Imagine Festival and the Southbank Centre itself.



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