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Level 4 is the expected level for the end of Key Stage 2, but here at Granton we are pleased to have a high number of children exceeding these expected levels, as shown by last year's end of KS2 results in which:

  • 44% of our Year 6 children achieved Level 5
  • 12% of our Year 6 children achieved Level 6

Level 2 is the expected level for the end of Key Stage 1, but here at Granton we are pleased to have a number of children exceeding these expected levels, as shown by last year's end of KS1 results in which:

  • 12% of our Year 2 children achieved Level 3

The increasingly high number of children exceeded the expected Maths levels by the end of Key Stages 1 and 2, is testament to the skilful planning and hard work from all of the Granton team, to ensure that all children make rapid progress for their level, ability and starting point.


Gifted & Talented Provision for Maths at Granton

Maths is an everyday tool that equips pupils with a set of tools to view the world. It provides a means of communication, using numbers, symbols and shapes and helps children to access everyday life through developing their ability to calculate, reason and solve problems.  Mathematics teaches children how to make sense of the world by enabling them to understand and appreciate relationships and pattern in both number and space in their everyday lives.

The new National Curriculum's focus on financial awareness prompted us to have a Maths 'Money' themed week earlier this year, empowering our children to develop their financial understanding and capability which was also great preparation for their Enterprise work leading up to the Frosty Festival!  Have a look at the pictures below to share in some of our 'moneytastic' learning!

Daily provision at Granton ensures that all children are supported and appropriately scaffolded for their level and ability with the most able and gifted children being appropriately challenged through differentiated tasks, resources and differentiated dialogue in the form of well-planned and differentiated questioning.  In addition, the Mathematics Subject Leaders, Mrs Hariram and Ms Brewer, run targeted intervention groups throughout the school, from Early Years to Year 6, to support the progress of those children capable of achieving beyond the expected level.

Maths Challenge Areas are well-established throughout the school and provide an open-ended and enriching dimension to Maths at Granton.  Children enjoy picking up puzzles, games and challenging problems that both support their learning in the classroom and extend their thinking.  

Pictures of Maths Challenge Areas at Granton coming soon.


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