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Finland, France & Portgual

Last year, Granton applied for funding from the European Union to send teachers to different European countries for culture and language exchange.

We were recently informed that our bid had been successful which means that every teacher who would like to, will have the opportunity to go to France, Portugal or Finland over the coming year/

Part of the experience will also mean that other European partners will have the opportunity to come and observe life in a British school and we are extremely excited to have already welcomed partners from a Portuguese school in January 2015.

Mr Terrey was be the first of our Granton staff to visit Finland in January 2015 and then Portugal in June 2015.

To start us thinking about these new European Union links, we recently had performers visit Granton to teach us more about Capoeira, which has a strong connection to the Portuguese community.  

To celebrate and recognise the involvement of the pupils with our international links we were recently awarded the ‘International School Award’ by the British Council and we look forward to continuing to develop our global links around the world at Granton.