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Inclusion Quality Mark

Granton was first assessed, and awarded, the Inclusion Quality Mark in July 2014. They were then reassessed on the 6th July 2017. Below is a summary of the comments:

"Since the school’s first review in 2014, there is solid evidence of the knowledge and
understanding of an ‘Inclusion Agenda’ by all stakeholders, which was eloquently
verbalised by all of the children I met with during my visit. All elements of the IQM
review demonstrated a ‘whole school approach’ and high levels of skill, expertise and
best practice.

The recognition of the school’s promotion of this approach and ethos can be noted
through the variety of ‘quality marks’ and ‘awards’ that the school is rightly proud of.
The school’s leadership team have developed a balance between self-review and
development of inclusion across the whole school and have shown true partnership
with a variety of school stakeholders.

I am of the strong opinion that based on the self-evaluation report and the clear future
targets the school has set for itself, the school is well placed to meet all the criteria of the
Inclusion Quality Mark. I recommend that Granton Primary School should be awarded
the Inclusion Quality Mark and be reviewed in 3 years’ time."

Assessor: Iain Witts
Findings confirmed by Inclusion Quality Mark (UK) Ltd

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