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The Governors at Granton are drawn from parents, the Local Education Authority (LEA) and the community. All schools have a board of governors and this is a statutory requirement. Governors are responsible for holding the school to account and working to promote school improvement by analysing the budget, school data and policies and working with the school to set the strategy for continued high standards of teaching and learning for all children.      

The full governing body meets four times a year. Each of the three committees (Pupils, Parents and Community (PPC), Achievement and Standards and Finance and Resources) meet three times a year. Other meetings may also take place. An annual report from the Governors will be published at the end of the academic year.


Meet your Governors


Lynn Andrews has been a governor at Granton School since 1997. She has been the Vice Chair of since 2010. She is also a member of the Achievement Committee. Lynn works for the London Borough of Lambeth as an Early Years Quality Improvement Officer. She lived in Streatham Vale for many years but now lives in Thornton Heath. She has a keen interest in the local Streatham Vale community and is involved with the Local Church, the Holy Redeemer and has been a leader at the 22nd Streatham Scout Group for more than 30 years.


Lisa Bosse has been an Associate Member of the Governing body at Granton Primary School since September 2018. As an Associate Member she was appointed by the governing body to serve on all the governing committees. As an associate member she also attends full governing body meetings. Associated members are appointed because of the specific expertise and experience they can contribute to the effective governance and success of the school. Lisa Bosse has been teaching in London for 18 years and has been working within the Granton community for 15 years. She is the Deputy Headteacher of Granton Primary School.


Brent Carnell joined the team as a parent governor in 2022. He brings his experience and knowledge from his academic position as Director of Education and Professor at The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London. Following several years working in the university’s education development department where he also led a leadership programme, he continues to support curriculum and student experience enhancement initiatives across a large teaching department with c.1700 students and c.350 staff. Brent’s experience leading change, including culture change, working with professional regulators, and having strategic oversight of multiple priorities will be a benefit to the governing team.


Edison David joined the governing board as headteacher-governor in September 2017. Edison is a lead Ofsted inspector and an associate school improvement adviser for the London Borough of Lambeth. He is a qualified teacher and has a Master's in Educational Administration and Supervision. He is a primary mathematics specialist and he has extensive school improvement experience as head of a national support school and a Teaching School. He is also an accredited Pupil Premium Reviewer. He is a coach for the Mayor of London’s Getting Ahead London programme.


Hello, I am Aneesa Dawoojee, a co-opted governor at Granton Primary School. I have been a governor for 6 years and currently sit on the Achievements and Standards committee. I have always had an involvement in community work in the area and strongly believe that all children should have fair and equal chances to achieve in a positive way, no matter their social economic background. Whilst we are an outstanding school it is our role as governors to maintain high standards and ensure these standards and the schools performance is maintained for the children.


Wonett Hall was elected Chair of Granton Governors in 2018 and has been a member of the Governing Body for20+ years, following service on the PTA.

The Chair’s role carries the overarching responsibility of ensuring the effective functioning of the Governing body, through clear leadership and direction, keeping it focused on its core functions but in truth, she notes that the whole GB is high performing, each member having responsibility for a specific element of the annual governance programme which links to the Strategic Plan. This makes the Chair’s role a lot less onerous than it could otherwise be.

Wonett prioritises attendance at Full GB meetings as well as the various committee meetings.  She sometimes runs a stall at Granton social / fundraising events and participates in Governor forums briefings and training sessions facilitated by the borough’s education department.

Wonett is a Civil Servant with a current focus on transport policy, specifically the regulatory regime for the safe and secure carriage of dangerous goods which is overseen by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).  The UNECE spans 56 countries.


Georgia Ladbury is a public health scientist specialising in infectious disease epidemiology, with particular interests in reducing inequalities and improving child health. She lives locally and currently has two children attending Granton. She joined the team in 2022 as a parent governor with a view to combining her professional expertise with her enthusiasm for tackling tough challenges in order to co-create a happy, healthy environment for Granton families. 


My name is Sally McAlone and I am Granton’s staff Governor. This doesn’t mean that I represent the opinions of Granton’s staff; rather that I offer a different point of view. I have worked at Granton for nearly 15 years as a TA and qualified as an HLTA (higher level teaching assistant) in 2010. This means that I can teach whole classes. Presently I teach Y4 science once a week, which I really enjoy. I also jointly run Granton’s Green Team which involves learning about wildlife, nature, the environment and how we can improve all of these…a very poignant topic at the present and one that the pupils are very passionate about! I have been a Staff Governor for about 4 years now and find it a fascinating and challenging role. As Governors we have been involved in many vital decisions about our wonderful school and know that we always try to make the best choice available for all our pupils.


David Malley is a long time co-opted governor at Granton. He has been a Lambeth councillor in the past and works for a bank. He is active on the school's Finance & Resources Committee and a firm believer in the role of governors as critical friends to the school.


Katie McCarthy has been an Associate Member of the Governing body at Granton Primary School since January 2019. She currently sits on the Achievement & Standards and the Pupils, Parents and Community committees.   Katie is one of the Assistant Headteachers at Granton Primary School and leads CPD and the Early Years Foundation Stage. Katie McCarthy has been teaching at Granton Primary School for 17 years.  Katie is an Early Years Ofsted Inspector and a Specialist Leader of Education for Early Years.



If you would like to contact the governors please e-mail or write to them via the school office.

Schedule of meetings:

Full Governors Meeting

Achievement, Curriculum & Community

Finance and Resources

25th September 2023 17th October 2023 3rd October 2023
12th December 2023 23rd January 2024 23rd January 2024
26th March 2024 14th May 2024 14th May 2024
2nd July 2024

All Governors meetings starts at 5:00pm and lasts between 1 and 2 hours.

Chair of Governors Ms Wonett Hall
Vice Chair Mrs Lynn Andrews
Executive Headteacher Mr Edison David
Governing Board Ms Aneesa Dawoojee
Governing Board Mr David Malley
Governing Board Ms Beverley Simmons
Governing Board Ms Sally McAlone
Governing Board Ms Andrea Stewart
Governing Board Dr Brent Carnell
Governing Board Dr Georgia Ladbury
Associate Member Mrs Katie McCarthy
Associate Member Mrs Lisa Bosse
Clerk Mr Simon Hooberman

*Please note that no Governor has declared a business interest as a Governor for Granton Primary School, nor is any Granton Governor a governor at any other school. 


CLICK HERE for Membership of the Governing Body and Register of Business Interests 2022/2023

CLICK HERE for Membership of the Governing Body and Register of Business Interests 2021/2022




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