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School Council 2023-2024

"The Pupils' Voice"

Welcome to Granton's School Council

The School Council at Granton Primary School is a team of active, dedicated and well organised children. 

The members of the council take their roles very seriously and have, in the past, been instrumental in making positive changes within our school. 

The School Council is split into three sub committees supporting the Eco Team, the Cluster Pupil Voice Council and the main Council duties of providing a voice for all pupils here at Granton. 

The new School Council Elections will be held on Monday 10th October 2022 for this new academic year: 


We have an active School Council. Over the past few years, we have; 

  •       Raised a great amount of money for many charities including: Children in Need and the Armed Forces Community
  • We have organised fun days such as Christmas Jumper day
  • The school council tea proudly organised a tea party to connect with the residents at Aashna Residential Home. There they made biscuits and served tea as well as performed some lovely songs for both workers and residents. 
  •     Held many charity days – We raised money for The Poppy Appeal. We also supported Children in Need by having a ‘Spotty day’. 
  •     Organised great events especially this year’s Jubilee Celebrations.  
  •     Met and greeted guests and shown them around our Outstanding school. 
  •     We have listened to Granton children and made many changes to our school such as having more clubs, more equipment and climbing frames. 

Members of school council represent our school in lots of ways. Members of school council are a listening ear for our school and take all ideas and views from people to school council meetings. They are involved in running projects that help our school, learning and community. If you have any suggestions or views you think the School Council could help with, act on or talk to the School Coordinator Miss Hariram or to Miss Patel



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