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Peer Mediator and Buddying

Peer Mediation allows children to resolve their own minor disagreements in the playground and encourages them to look for alternative ways to enjoy a safe and happy environment in school.

Granton Primary School boast 56 peer mediators - known as ‘Buddies’ - across both Year 6 classes. They begin their training in Year 5 in preparation to take over from the current Year 6. The training is combined with PSHE to reinforce the qualities needed to take on this responsibility.

Being a peer mediator is beneficial to all the children. As a direct result there have been noticeable changes in some children, particularly those with low self esteem. They thrive on knowing they can achieve greatly in this area. Their confidence is boosted with the positive outcomes of their input in problem resolution and has a positive effect on their own behaviour. 

The use of the skills they acquire throughout training and their dedication to the responsibility of such a prestigious position is always recognised by both adults and children and is praised and rewarded both within and outside the school. At the beginning of each new school year in September, the younger children are introduced to the Buddies in assembly

Buddies are distributed in all areas of the school, including the Nursery and are scheduled for duty on a week/on week/off basis alternating between the two classes.

Below is a video showing some of the Makaton signs the children have been learning and using in the playground.


There are displays around the school with the Buddies photographs and achievements. The other children take great interest in and aspire to becoming a Buddy one day.

We have won awards and hold titles for The Mayor of London Best Peer Mediator Co-Ordinator in Lambeth in 2011 and Best Peer Mediator in Lambeth 2011.

We are linked to Healthy Minds who offer quality peer mediator training.

Our Service has been recognised by the John Petchey Foundation and two of our Buddies received rewards for dedication to their roles. One of them in particular who had used his skills to not only help other children, but to improve his own behaviour said:

“Being trained as a buddy has made me more sensible and I know how to look after people better. I am getting prepared for what I want to do when I’m older. Being a Buddy has affected my outlook on life. I have learnt how to respect people and not just think about myself.”



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