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Maths at Home - Key Stage 2

Dear Children,

Here are some websites to help you practise your Maths at home. They include many of the games that some of you may have already used in class - can you spot the ones you've already used? 

 General Maths 

Viral Vinnie (a general game to help you with all sorts of maths)
Bitesize (loads of games to help you revise different areas)
Everything! (this website has a game for every area of maths, choose one that you are weak at)
Dictionary (what does that word mean? Click here to find out!)
Calculator (practice how to use a calculator)


Addition & Subtraction
Pyramid (can you release the mummy?)
Bricks (take away the bricks to complete the puzzle)  Check Out Challenge - give the customer the correct change
Sam's shopping list (help Sam with his shopping)

Multiplication & Division
Bananas (practice your division facts)
Hit the button (practice times tables, division, doubles+halves) (loads and loads of different multiplication games! Miss Cooper's favourite is granny prix)
Videos (don't know your times tables? These videos should help!)
multiply/divide by 10 or 100 (does what it says - you can ALL practise this)

Dolphin Racing (choose the biggest fraction to win the race)
Monkeys (equivalent fractions)
Melvin (match the equivalent fractions)
Match (match the fraction, decimal and percentage)
All sorts (loads of fraction games!)
Order (order these fractions smallest to biggest!)

Discount (what is the price after you take off the %?)
Pie charts (what % is shaded?)
Space Invaders (I like this one, read the instructions!)

Builder Ted (order the decimals)
Squares (various games with decimals, multiplication, division etc.)

Measures & Reading Scales
Banzooki (a slightly weird game all to do with measures! Takes a while to load)
Jack the Builder (read different scales to help Jack)
Scales (practice reading scales of mass)

Ratio & Proportion
Weigh it up (balance the scales)

Time (you ALL need to practise this one!)
Timetables (working out the difference between 2 times)
Snap! (snap, with time!)
Bang on time (stop the clock on the correct time)
Match (match digital and analogue)
Digital + Analogue (Match the times together) Now try Level 2

Sports (play these games to learn about angles in sports)
Kung Fu (help the ninja defeat his enemies)
What's my Angle? (Learn how to use a protractor) (The very popular Banana Hunt Angle game!)

Number sequences (can you work out the pattern/sequence?)
Egg Order (order the numbers, choose your level!)
Olympics! (Order the times, points, scores from various Olympic events)

Revise shape (lots of useful revision)
Lots of shape games (all sorts from triangle sorting to symmetry)
3D shape match (match the name a picture of the shape)
Polygon Match (match the 2D shapes to their names)
Quadrilaterals (learn all about 4 sided shapes)
Lines of symmetry (how many lines of symmetry does each shape have?)

Billy Bug (feed billy at the given coordinates) Now try Level 2
Crazy Coordinates (8 levels, good luck!)
Golf (Translate the golf ball into the hole, fewer shots the better!)

Quad Bikes (line graphs to do with quad bikes!)

General Maths Websites:


I'm sure you can find plenty more websites and online games to help you.  


Have you found a fantastic website that you want to share with the rest of the Granton family?  Why don't you let me know and I can put it on the website for all to see!


Miss Cooper 


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